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Oral Cleansing water
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【十大博彩正规平台网站】Oral Cleansing water

【十大正规博彩公司网站】Bipolar water

【十大正规博彩公司网站】Salt-free electrolysis of aqueous twin solution

【十大博彩正规平台网站】Three cell electrolytic CIOH

【十大正规博彩公司网站】No flavor, no color, no preservatives, no pungent odor, young dogs and cats and lactation period can be used。

【十大正规博彩公司网站】Dilute 1:30 of this product into drinking water and drink directly (recommended dosage: Take 10ml of this product to 300ml of drinking water)。

【十大博彩正规平台网站】For pet mouth daily cleaning care, relieve bad breath


【十大博彩正规平台网站】Dry, cool place, out of direct sunlight。

【十大博彩正规平台网站】Please use as soon as possible after opening。