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Message title: What are the advantages of Qiyan pet eye drops?
Message content: Mainly want to understand the sales price of Qiyan eye drops, product efficacy and usage
Administrator reply: Hello, thank you for your attention to Five Star Animal protection brand and products。 The main features of Qiyan eye drops include anti-virus, 29 ****** inventions ******, anti-inflammation and anti-itch, and no preservatives。 Market retail guide price: 108 yuan/box。 Efficacy: ① relieve eye symptoms caused by viruses, bacteria, chlamydia, etc. ② Moisturize cornea, assist corneal repair ③ reduce eye and nasal secretions, relieve tears, sneezing, etc。 Usage and dosage: Drop into eyelid, 2-3 drops at a time, 2-4 times a day。